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Supermarket 2024 | 25–28 April 2024
SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden

Fever Dream explores the surreal nature of today’s political landscape. Amid the onslaught of online information, truth and reality have become ever more indistinct. The exhibition delves into the dark underbelly of contemporary life, where reality and deceit intertwine.


In our increasingly connected yet fragmented world, we find ourselves surrounded by a constant barrage of misinformation - deep fakes and fake news - that gives rise to a sense of disorientation, paranoia, and confusion about what is true. This exhibition shows works on paper and videos by SFAI alumni, which include drawings, prints, photos, and collages (hand-made or digital) in a salon-style installation.

Fever Dream is a thought-provoking, visually captivating exhibition that resonates with the complexities of our contemporary world. It challenges viewers to confront the blurred lines between fact and fiction, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the pressing issues of our time.

Annie Reiniger-Holleb

Curator, Fever Dream

April, 2024


Participating artists:  

Adrian L. Burrell, Linda Connor, Daniel Davidson, Eleni Exarchou, Karen Finley, Aline Mare, Bruce Pollack, Ramon Quanta Churruca & Matias Jaramillo, Sandra Ramos, Ivar Smedstad, Maya Smira & S.H., Selby Sohn and Nina Wedberg Thulin.

Curated by Annie Reiniger Holleb

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 1.19.05 PM.png

Annie Reiniger Holleb is a visual artist living and working in Santa Monica/Los Angeles.
She earned her BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and completed her MFA at UCLA in 1993. H
er artistic practice involves creating abstract paintings using materials and chance methods inspired by the Fluxus movement. She seeks to develop a visual language for constructing and weaving interior spaces through these approaches.


Annie Reiniger Holleb has exhibited her work nationally and internationally throughout her career. Galleries in New York, Matrix UC Berkeley Art Museum, in Los Angeles at Claremont College, Barnsdall Art Gallery, Cerritos College Art Gallery, UCLA Wright Gallery, Grunwald Center, Hammer Museum, Internationally at Studio 44 in Stockholm, galleries in Berlin, Germany, and Belgrade, Croatia.


In addition to her artistic pursuits, she has been actively involved in many nonprofit artboards. She has served on the Reed College President’s Advisory Committee and the Santa Monica Public Art Committee. She was the chairperson and co-curator for the Los Angeles Foundation for Art Resources (FAR). She was a member of the Re-imagine Committee for the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently Vice President of the SF Artists Alumni organization.

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