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SFAA Spotlight is a monthly online talk series featuring an SFAI alumni on the first Monday of the month at 10am PT. The talks are also recorded and available on our youtube channel. The word community is woven as a  theme between the artists. Special thank you to all of our donors  that fund this program.





BFA 2018

Adrian Burrell is a third-generation Oakland artist utilizing photography, installation, and experimental media. His work examines issues of race, class, and intergenerational dynamics, Inviting moments where collective Storytelling could be a site for remembering. Burrell has lived and worked on four continents. He is a US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA, film) and Stanford University (MFA, Department of Art & Art History). At Stanford, he lectured, served as Black Graduate student community outreach chair, and was a visiting Artist with Stanford's Institute for Diversity in Arts.



BFA 1992

In her interdisciplinary practice, Jovi Schnell’s work explores the cosmic interplay of interconnected blooming networks. Her nomadic adventures began in the Ozarks in Arkansas, where her deep fasciation of biological systems and experimental culture took root, eventually leading her to Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and her current residence in Los Angeles. Her paintings appear both on canvas and as large murals in institutions and public space. She earned her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in ‘92 and her MFA from UC Berkeley in 2017.


IN FLUX: Articles of Belonging

MFA 2022

During this month's Spotlight talk, the collaboration lead Eve Werner and the team leads—Annamarta Dostourian & Emily Jane Corbett (mending), Bianca Lago & Kristen Gundlach (closet), Guillermo Pulido & Martin Wohlwend (sound and messages), and Ujjayini Sikha (community security blanket)—will delve into the project's concept, collaborative process, and the final installation.



MFA 1985

Jeremy Morgan was born in 1956 in Cambridge, England. Educated at the Ruskin school of Drawing (University of Oxford) 1974-77, The Royal Academy Schools (RA) London 1979-82, and at the San Francisco Art Institute 1983-85. Between 1983-85 he was a Harkness Fellow. He is an Associate Professor of Painting at SFAI where he has taught since 1989 in both the Undergraduate and Graduate programs. He has also taught at JFK University (Arts and Consciousness program - Graduate Program), CCA in Oakland, California, and given various workshops in China (CAA Hanghzou, CAA Beijing, Luxan Academy, Shenyang).



BFA 1974

Consuelo Méndez (born 1952 in Caracas, based in Graz, Austria) studied in California, where she obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. She was part of the group Mujeres Muralistas of San Francisco, CA, until 1976. She was an artist associate professor and researcher at Instituto Armando Reverón since 1991 and is now a retired professor from UNEARTES.



MFA Studio Art 2016

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Andrea Nicolette Gonzales now lives and works in San Francisco, California. After completing her bachelors degree from Texas Wesleyan University she worked as a make-up artist and was asked to face paint for a Dia De Los Muertos event; which led to her fascinating and exploration of the three-dimensional surface of the face and body.



SFAI Legacy Foundation and Archive

The new space for the SFAI archive at the Crown Point Press building 20 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, 94105 is now open for visitors! Becky Alexander and Jeff Gunderson will give us an online tour and share some insights about their work to digitize this wonderful treasure of SFAI history for future generations.



MFA Sculpture 1982

Working in sculpture, film and photography, Dorothy Cross’s work looks at time and transformation …. from shark-skins gilded inside with pure gold, jellyfish drawing themselves on linen, operas in handball alleys and slate quarries, and a kiss cast in silver taken from the inside of two mouths. Unexpected encounters occur between plants, animals and everyday objects resulting in at times, strange, hybrid pairings that range from the lyrical and sublime to the erotic humorous and playful.



BFA Painting 1979

Steve Hurd is a Los Angeles artist that works from found source materials translating them into paintings that bring up and discuss social/political issues relevant to the world we live in. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1979 and later came to Los Angeles where he studied with Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy, and Mike Kelley at UCLA. There he received a Master of Fine Arts in the New Genre Department in 1988.



MFA Photography 1985

Mark Alice Durant is an artist, writer, and publisher living in Baltimore. He is author of Maya Deren, Choreographed for Camera, 27 Contexts: An Anecdotal History in Photography, Robert Heinecken: A Material History, and co-author of Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology, and the Paranormal.



BFA Photography 2018

Wesaam Al-Badry is an investigative journalist, and interdisciplinary artist working in photography, video installation, sculpture, and painting through interconnected themes of identity, migration, simulated wars, and the archives. His work focuses on the social and environmental issues in the U.S. Middle East and the North African diaspora. His current projects investigate how the image-based process and text are complicit in using racialized ethnographic studies in Iraq.



MFA Filmmaking 1971

Larry Reed is a nationally and internationally acclaimed artist, and is a trailblazer in the contemporary shadow theatre. He is one of the first Westerners to have trained in the traditional Balinese shadow theatre (wayang kulit) and is a “dalang,” or “shadow master,” who manipulates over 20 carved leather shadow puppets while simultaneously serving as the conductor of the accompanying gamelan orchestra, the director, and the stage manager. Over the years, he has performed over 250 shows in this tradition around the world.

Find more talks on the SFAA SPOTLIGHT playlist!

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