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"I believe very strongly, at the heart of the thing, that artists are the harbingers or the catalysts for change in our society."

—Jasmine Wahi

Dear Alumni,

By now most alumni have heard the news that San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) and University of San Francisco (USF) have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which is a document containing a declaration of intention to merge. The LOI is a process where each institution’s leadership agrees to have a comprehensive in-depth conversation and review to make the final decision near the end of June.

The process entails both schools meeting by department to department, Deans to Provost, faculty to faculty and administrators to administrators. They need to figure out the mechanics and how to structure; review strengths and weaknesses, missions, assets and liabilities; and much more. They will be talking about our differences to see if a compromise can be achieved.

On final review, if both institutions come to an agreement, then the boards of trustees would give a final approval with a yes or no vote.

We all have questions and worries; how much of SFAI will survive in the process of negotiations? SFAI’s Ideology is the blueprint for the school.

To better inform SFAI and USF tell them your concerns, who we are, about our  community, your thoughts, memories, ideas, testimonials and questions here:


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