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RE-imagine town hall meeting recap

January 14, 2021
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  • Welcome, Agenda Review, Ground rules for presentations


  • Collective Agreements

  • Re-Imagine Committee pre-presentation

  • Our process and our guiding values

  • SFAI’s near-term challenges that affect Re-Inmagine followed by Q&A clarifications

  • Re-Imagine’s proposals for the future of SFAI

  • Sub-committee presentations:

    • ​Pedagogy

    • Culture Club (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion)

    • Fundraising/Partnerships

    • Marketing

    • Enrollment

    • Communications

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Finance

    • Governance

  • ​Moving towards that future given the challenges

  • Questions and Answers

  • Next steps for Re-Imagine

Annie Reiniger-Holleb

Karen Topakian

Karen Topakian, Tom Loughlin

Orit Ben-Shitrit

Oscar Lopez-Guerrero

Ana Suek

Jennifer Locke

Kav Hambira

Emily Reynolds

Rye Purvis, Thor Anderson

Stephen Mangum

Lindsey White

Karen Topakian, Tom Loughlin

Zeina Barakeh

MFA’08, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, SFAI

Orit Ben-Shitrit

Chair of Film, SFAI

Matt Borruso

BFA’02, Senior Lecturer, SFAI

Irene Carvajal

MFA’14, Adjunct Faculty, SFAI

Claire Daigle

Associate Professor, MA Director History and Theory of Contemporary Art, SFAI

Emily Ebba Reynolds


Kavena Hambira


Jennifer Locke

BFA’91, MFA’06, Lecturer, New Genres, and MFA Programs, SFAI

Oscar Lopez Guerrero


Tom Loughlin | Co-chair


Cristobal Martinez, PhD

Associate Professor, Chair of Art and Technology, SFAI

Rye Purvis


Brett Reichman

Professor, Chair of Painting, SFAI

Ana Suek

Associate Director of Global Programs, SFAI

Karen Topakian | Co-chair


Kat Trataris


Lindsey White

Assistant Professor, Chair of Photography, SFAI

Christopher Williams | Co-chair

BFA’17, MFA'20

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