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SFAI from Above, 1975

Photo by Bob Campbell

This is one of the very few aerial photographs of SFAI, from the mid-1970s as dated by Ed Pickett’s inflatable sculpture above the Café. The image shows the awkward interlocking of Arthur Brown’s Italian hillside town motif for his 1926 structure with Paffard Keatinge-Clay’s Corbusier-inspired 1969 Baby Boomer addition. (I sure hope I can coax alumni, Michael Light, to do an updated aerial photo.) For more on the architectural history of SFAI see the following link to UC’s Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archives virtual exhibition, Orbits of Known and Unknown Objects: SFAI Histories: Matrix 277 (scroll left to right to see the slide show).

With permission, SFAA is re-posting the emails Jeff Gunderson Librarian/Archivist Anne Bremer Memorial Library has been sending out since March 2020. Please enjoy this magnificent archive.


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