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Alumni: Hisako Shimizo and Matsusaburo Hibi


Hibi family awaits evacuation in Hayward, California on 8 May 1942, photo by Dorothea Lange. Painting by George Matsusaburo Hibi

George Matsusaburo Hibi and Hisako Shimizo met at the School in the 1920s, married in 1930 and continued to be a part of the thriving 1930s Bay Area arts community. While a student, George Hibi worked as a gardener, custodian, store clerk, a class assistant, and taught batik. In 1942 the Hibi family was interned first at Tanforan and then at Topaz, Utah where both continued to draw and paint, sending work back to SF to be displayed in the SFAA Annuals.


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