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1981 Dean George Manupelli, Father Guido Sarducci, Gardiner Hempel, Steven Goldstine

[Dean George Manupelli and staff in the Quad; Manupelli’s poster honoring Sacco & Vanzetti for the 18th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1980; Manupelli in the Dean’s office; George celebrating with SFAI Board Chair, Gardiner Hempel, and President Steve Goldstine in the Cafe]

George Manupelli, Dean, 1980-1982 wrote in the SFAI College Catalog that “Art must reduce the distance between the limitless capacity of the mind and heart to do good…..and the misery of others in the context of a total lack of social justice.  There are reasons to study art.”  Manupelli, a filmmaker, founded the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 1963—the oldest experimental film festival in North America.  As Dean he was noted for his political activism and his  “spot checks” throughout the School, discussing art, politics, and current events with students, staff and faculty,  and playing basketball in the Quad. Manupelli and SFAI won a Clio Award in 1982 for an SFAI admissions television ad,"Father Guido Sarducci on Art School,”featuring George’s friend, Don Novello. (check out the link!)

With permission, SFAA is re-posting the emails Jeff Gunderson Librarian/Archivist Anne Bremer Memorial Library has been sending out since March 2020. Please enjoy this magnificent archive.


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