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1976c. 1991 Angela Davis SFAI Faculty

An array of fascinating non-studio faculty have taught at the School including Grace McCann Morley, the first Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, anthropologist Gregory Bateson, poet Kenneth Rexroth, writer Kenneth Lash, physicist Frank Oppenheimer, the founder of the Exploratorium, punk writer Kathy Acker and the renowned lecturer, Ray Mondini.  In 1976 Mondini hired activist and writer Angela Davis as a faculty member in the Humanities Department where over the next 15 years she would teach courses on ‘Marxism and Art’ and Women’s Studies, as well as lecturing on current events and world affairs.  Angela Davis taught at SFAI until the early 1990s when she joined the faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she is now Professor Emeritus.

With permission, SFAA is re-posting the emails Jeff Gunderson Librarian/Archivist Anne Bremer Memorial Library has been sending out since March 2020. Please enjoy this magnificent archive.


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