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OPEN CALL - Three Turns

Exhibition presented in partnership with SFAI and SFAA

The open call has been closed!


Deadline for submissions: December 9, 2020

We are seeking submissions of video works by SFAI alumni for SF Artists Alumni’s inaugural exhibition project in partnership with San Francisco Art Institute. Three Turns will take place over three nights, January 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, featuring the work of one film from the San Francisco Art Institute's Archive, selected by Margaret Tedesco and Leila Weefur, curators of SFAI's 150th exhibition A Spirit of Disruption, and a series of selected alumni responses. Each night the projections will feature the archive work on two sides of the tower, and alumni responses will be on the other two sides, visible from multiple locations in the Bay Area and online through live footage streamed on 

Our esteemed jury composed of SFAI faculty and alum Christopher Coppola (BFA 1985, Director of Cinema Projects and Studies), former SFAI staff Kathy Brew (Faculty at School of Visual Arts, guest curator at MOMA) and SFAI alum Minoosh Zomorodinia (MFA 2015, Recology Artist in Residence 2020) will be selecting works for this exhibition.

Exhibition dates: January 22, 23 and 24, 2021


Three Turns stems from the concept that engaging artworks provide a viewer with three different entry points, prompting a deeper exploration into the work itself. Projected on the historic SFAI Tower, which houses the Institution’s 150 year old archive, this project will echo the notion of traveling three turns in time and space by showing the selected alumni video works on the Tower in dialogue with the archive works selected from the SFAI archive.

View past tower projects curated by SFAI’s community here featuring SFAI Alumni: Tunnels of MindLet Your Voice Be Heard and Transmission.

Image from a past event with videos projected on the SFAI tower,

Let Your Voice Be Heard". Image courtesy of SFAI


Selected work from the SFAI archive:


Please include a one paragraph statement about how your work relates to the Archive Film(s).

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit up to three Vimeo links, your videos in response to one, two or three of the archive films above.

  • Set up the link(s) with a password for downloading.

  • On the Vimeo page(s) please specify the title, length and year of the video.

  • Video length: Please be sure your video length does not exceed the length of the archive film to which your work is responding.

  • Video quality: Please upload your highest quality video.

  • Aspect Ratio: Submit any aspect ratio, to use the entire tower as a screen we suggest portrait aspect ratio 9:16 (see image).

  • Please note that submissions for this project are considered part of this collaborative project and therefore will not be able to accommodate sound because the sound will be from the referenced archive work.

Video 1

High Resolution Image from Video 1

Video 2 (optional)

High Resolution Image from Video 2

Video 3 (optional)

High Resolution Image from Video 3

Password to Download Videos

Please initial here to confirm that you are giving San Francisco Artists Alumni permission to share the submitted content in efforts to market this project.

Check starred fields for missing required information 

Thank you! Your application has been submitted

We will contact you soon.

The open call has been closed!


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