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Online Exhibition Presented by SFAA

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From the expansive horizons that stretch beyond our sight to the subtle contours of everyday moments, or the ephemeral shapes formed by the dance of thoughts and emotions, your vision of 'The View' is what we seek. We encourage artists of all mediums to express the unspoken, the unseen, and the undefined vistas of their world. 

Image by Liz Miller



Participating Artists:


Alex Taylor, Alexandria_Levin, Annamarta Dostourian, Annie Reiniger-Holleb, Barbara Boissevain, Caroline T Mota, Christine Wolheim, Claire Brandt, Cristina Velazquez, Garrett Walters, Greg Borman, Helena Tiainen, Hope Kroll, Hwei-Li Tsao, J Matt, Jacques Levy, Jean Pettigrew Whelan, Jeffrey Glossip, Joan Clair Di Stefano, Joseph Finkleman, Judy Zhu, Julia C R Gray, Karen Laudon, Kate Geddes, Lawrence White, Linda Connor, Lisa Mccutcheon, Maria Theresa Barbist, Marilyn Propp, Marino Colmano, Mary V Marsh, Merle Temkin, Michal Sagar, Michele Foyer, Mike Callaghan, Molly Heron, Nannette Love, R.M. Fischer, Russell Crotty, Simone Simon, Stephen McGurin, Stuart Bass, Suzie Buchholz, Thomas Houston, Toban Nichols, Wyn Di Stefano and Yixuan Pan.


Project Curators

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Judy Zhu

Exhibitions & Program Team Assistant Curator

Presented By:

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