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Online Exhibition Presented by SFAA

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From the open call: Feeling nostalgic for those days of paint-splattered jeans, sketch-filled notebooks, day and night spent in Chestnut campus and Fort Mason? We sure are, and we've got a fun little project brewing that we're super excited about!⁠

Dig out that old Student, Faculty or Staff ID - you know, the one where your hair was that crazy color or you were rocking those vintage glasses. 🕶️⁠⁠

We're stoked to see your throwbacks and hear your stories. Let's celebrate the good ol' days together!⁠



Participating Artists:

Aaron Terry, Adrian Card, Alexis Cadenas, Becky Alexander, Brian Traylor, Christina Simon, Diana Vasquez, Izzy Dier, Jeremy Morgan, Jessica Newton, Jevijoe Vitug, Jill Taffet, Jose de los Reyes, Kristen Gundlach, Laura Pacchini, Lauren Jade Szabo, Linda Connor, Maria Dawn Lewis, Maria Therea Barbist, Matthew Rogers, Neil Enggist, Osama Dawod, Ray Beldner, Robert O. Waters, Sae Yong Lee, Suzie Buchholz, Thomas M. Houston, Toban Nichols and William Edwards

Presented By:


Project Curators

Judy Z.jpg

Judy Zhu

Exhibitions & Program Team Assistant Curator

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