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Online Exhibition Presented by SFAA

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Onward is how we move forward from the past.

Onward is how we push past our limits.


In the wake of SFAI's closure we've all had to consider how we move onward and forward. We've also had to move onward from the feelings , sickness, and strife during this unprecedented pandemic and figure out what's in store for our future. Some have pivoted to new vocations, friendships, and ways of being. Others have stagnated and feel lost unable to move forward.

Image by Toban Nichols



Participating Artists:


John Anderson, Barbara Ball, Stuart Bass, Barry Beach, Jan Blythe, Torsten Zenas Burns, Mike Callaghan, Cynthia Cameron, Melissa Carter, Tina Dillman, Annamarta Dostourian, Davy Fiveash, Saycsar Fleurima, , Michele Foyer, Theresa Gooby, Julia.C.R Gray , Alfred Hernandez, Bryan Hillstrom, Thomas Houston, Patricia K Kelly, Peter Max Lawrence, , Alexandria Levin, Leah Macdonald, Bridgett Magyar, Lisa McCutcheon, Julie McNiel, Toban Nichols, Phil Pasquini, Martin Peckins, Katalina Prince, Marilyn Propp, Lisa Reed, Mike Ritch, Erik Ritter, David Roditti, Randy Rosenberg, Ouater Sand, Robert Schick, Craig Schwanfelder, Anna Sidana, Leslie Straw, Merle Temkin, Benjamin Thodoros Prince, Terry K Thompson, Helena Tiainen, Hwei-Li Tsao, Kenneth Wenzel, Lawrence White, Garrett Williams, Alison Woods, Antoinette Wysocki, and Anna Zusman.