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HIGH BEAM #5 - Night Moves

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SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) is very pleased to participate as an artist collective in this large public art exhibition organized by High Beams called Night Moves​, in partnership with Bendix Building.


High Beams is a series of one-night outdoor exhibitions that began in September 2020 on the rooftop of a parking garage in Los Angeles’ Fashion District. SFAA is thrilled to be part of the High Beams #5 as one of the prominent artist collectives from all around the US.


The event will be held on the lower tier roof top (11th floor) of Bendix Building at 1200 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015.


Photo by Toban Nichols



Halloween Weekend

October 30-31, 2021, 8-10pm



Bendix Building

1200 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Please follow the local safety requirement while you are enjoying the exhibition.


9_Nicholas Cienfuegos_2-squashed.JPG

by Nicholas Cienfuegos (MFA 2017)


Nicholas Cienfuegos.jpg


Nicholas F Cienfuegos works with multiple materials metals, wood, found objects, ceramics, and glass in combinations that help define my composition.  The materials help define his work. Because of his background in construction, some of his work has architectural qualities. 
“Art-like life is difficult to define, complicated and simple at the same time. I follow that basic need in all human beings to create.  I live in a state of constant fluctuating physical pain and art is my way of coping with that pain.  My pain is always in flux and so is my art. Sometimes spiritual at other times hard, ambiguous and compelling. 
My work is intuitive and can be intrinsic.  I let the materials follow a path depending on composition. I try to create art that stimulates a more meaning full conversation. I like to create a relationship between the structure, composition, and medium in an effort to expand a dialog.”


by Ariel Huang (BFA 2019)


Ariel Huang.jpg


Borrowing the Taiwanese traditional impression of lamp for the ghost, I am trying to discover my inner insecurity of my own property and my body through this piece. During the month of the ghost, which is the seventh month of a lunar year, people in Taiwan will hang a lamp in front of their homes to illuminate the way for the homeless ghost, but besides lighting, these lamps also work as a protection to keep the homeless ghost outside of the normal homes.

As an Asian female, I was always educated to be careful with my outfit and my property, no matter where I am. The fear of being Surveiled by others is always hunting me inside and makes me feel insecure about my body. I made this lamp that everyone is able to snoop into and see the footage of a private part of the female, to perform how immigrant women are being reviewed by society.


by Robert Moya (MFA 2010)


Robert Moya.jpg


Robert Moya's works could be seen as two-dimensional readings of three-dimensional, abstract, landscapes that are rendered with a handmade aesthetic.
His interest is in the variances between neighboring spaces (certain nuanced relations in patterns, space, color, surface, depth, and composition), as well as how these spaces might relate to the differences in the man-made spaces that we, as humans, inhabit and create. 

14_Laura Ricci_3-squashed.jpg

by Laura Ricci (MFA 2002)


Laura Ricci.jpg


Laura Ricci is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. In her work the Natural perseveres or reconfigures itself, sometimes returning to past incarnations, sometimes alluding to future forms.  Darkness and light, creation and destruction, portals and reflections—Ricci’s work engages these themes.
She works with paper, wood, canvas, mirrors, found objects, and other materials lying around her studio. She cuts, burns, paints, draws, twists, builds, and makes them into new things.
Laura’s work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Antonio, Chicago, Detroit, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Her work was published in New American Paintings—Volume 61. She Ricci received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her BA in Studio Art from Kalamazoo College.


by Mitch Temple (MFA 2002)


Mitch Temple.jpg


"These digital pieces all stem from a feature film I've made that's being released this fall. The digital pieces are non-narrative tangents that play with, transform, and contradict the linear form of the story. Dreams, poetic asides, and visual sensation drive the form and content of these more intimately scaled work. 

Typically I present them on very small monitors with raw technology and hardware readily present to highlight the makeshift forms of the images and image making."


Project Curators

Southern California - Los Angeles - TOBA

Toban Nichols

Southern California

Los Angeles Liaison


Beth Davila Waldman

SFAA Exhibitions & Program


Judy Zhu Photo2.jpg

Judy Zhu

Co-project coordinator

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