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Untitled Art Miami Beach 2021 Special Projects 
On view November 29, 2021,1-8PM, EST at Miami Beach

We dedicate Three Turns Miami to the memory of Kit Radford (MFA 2020).


In conjunction with opening day of Untitled Art Miami Beach 2021, SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) presents a media based project curated by artist and San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) professor Tony Labat highlighting the work of contemporary alumni from the San Francisco Art Institute. For our participation in this year’s Untitled’s Special Projects under the guidance of Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud, Tony invited Ana Teresa Fernández, Whitney Lynn, and Kit Radford, and Minoosh Zomorodinia to feature their work along side a juried group submitted video work from our broader SFAI Alumni community. This second SFAA annual Three Turns project, Three Turns Miami, stems from the concept initiated in 2020 on the historic tower of the San Francisco Art Institute, that engaged projected artworks in order to provide viewers with different entry points, prompting a deeper exploration into the individual works itself.



November 29, 2021, 1-8pm EST



Ocean Dr & 12th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

* Please follow the local safety requirement while you are enjoying the exhibition.


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Vulnerability of Recent Times:

Water, Ocean, Body, & Environment

presented by SF Artists Alumni (SFAA)

Referencing ideas in the book The Disposable City by Mario Alejandro Ariza, SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) embraces the theme of resilience as it relates to the environment and society.​

In Conversation:

Tony Labat (Curator), Mario Alejandro Ariza (Author), Maria Theresa Barbist (SFAA Co-Founder & Moderator), Whitney Lynn (Artist) & Beth Davila Waldman (Artist). 



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Three Turns Miami will be presented on a digital billboard truck which will be located on Miami Beach. We are seeking funding. No gift is too large or too small! All donations will help us reach our goal of showcasing SFAI artists at this globally-attended art fair. Gifts are tax-deductible.


This fundraising drive is organized by SF Artists Alumni, Inc. (SFAA), which is an independent non-profit of SFAI Alumni. We are classified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the standards of the IRS, therefore your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Kit Radford, Bloom (Or Live Trying) (2020)


Kit Radford is a multi-media artist and poet. Her work explores mythology, psycho-geography, esotericism and transcendentalism, and its refractions in contemporary culture. Materials include music, poetry, performance, painting, photography and free-form experimental writing.

Bloom (Or Live Trying) is a collection of short poems, mantras and insights made during dark times, light times, and all times. 

'sometimes it's just enough words to keep going'

Artists In Response

Kit Radford_John Anderson_La Vision.jpg

La Vision

John Anderson

Kit Radford_Anna Rose_Shell.jpg


Anna Rose

Kit Radford_Robert Earl Davis_Wild Willy.jpg

Wild Willy

Robert Earl Davis

Kit Radford_Maya Smira_Black.jpg


Maya Smira

Kit Radford_John Muse_Vase.jpg


John Muse

Kit Radford_Alisha Trimble_Dead Or Sleeping.jpg

Dead Or Sleeping

Alisha Trimble

Kit Radford_Zimo Zhao_Alone.jpg


Zimo Zhao

Minoosh Zomorodinia, Resist: Air, Water, Earth (2014)

Minoosh Zomorodinia is an Iranian-born interdisciplinary artist who makes visible the emotional and psychological reflections of her mind's eye inspired by nature. She employs walking as a catalyst to reference the power of technology as a colonial structure while negotiating boundaries of lands. Zomorodinia earned her MFA in new genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, and holds a Masters degree in Graphic Design and BA in Photography from Azad University in Tehran.

In Resist: Air, Water, Earth, Zomorodinia uses natural force as a metaphor of resistance to demonstrate challenges of daily life to reference cultural conflicts.

Artists In Response

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Mrinalini Aggarwal_How to Grow a Field.jpg

How To Grow A Field

Mrinalini Aggarwal

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Carlos Castro_That Who Does Not Suffer Does Not Live.jpg

That Who Does Not Suffer Does Not Live

Carlos Castro

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Ouater Sand_Self-portrait.jpg


Ouater Sand

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Kim Anno_Water City, Ipswich.jpg

Water City, Ipswich

Kim Anno

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Kacy Jung_Free Will Is an Illusion.jpg

Free Will Is An Illusion

Kacy Jung

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Beth Davila Waldman_Resurrection.jpg


Beth Davila Waldman

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Irene Carvajal_Returned.jpg


Irene Carvajal

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Liz Oppenheimer_Split.jpg


Liz Oppenheimer

Minoosh Zomorodinia_Lawrence White_Box of Clouds.jpg

Box of Clouds

Lawrence White

Whitney Lynn, The Siren (2019)

Whitney Lynn is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes sculpture, video, performance, photography, drawing and public projects. Mining material culture, Lynn extracts and reframes familiar narratives, examining embedded symbolism and questioning dynamics of power. Born on a military base in Arizona, Lynn currently splits her time between Miami Beach and Seattle.

In Whitney Lynn's The Siren, a mermaid-costumed protagonist anxiously scales the crumbling remains of a graffiti-covered bunker, perched precariously on a coastal cliff known as Devil's Slide. As a low frequency audio score rumbles, the "siren" struggles to gain footing, bound by a garment that combines an image of kitsch seduction with an unsettling vulnerability. The myth of the Sirens serves as a warning about flirting with knowledge beyond our grasp; the question of what to do with what we do (or do not) know remains the central moral issue of our time.


* This is the EXCERPT version of The Siren. Please click the button for the FULL version of The Siren:

Artists In Response

Whitney Lynn_Lisa Blatt_Red Sky in Morning.jpg

Red Sky In Morning

Lisa Blatt

Whitney Lynn_Linda Ford_Line As Line As Form-squashed.jpg

Line As Line As Form

Linda Ford

Whitney Lynn_Liz Miller Kovacs_Waterbound.jpg


Liz Miller Kovacs

Whitney Lynn_Don Daedalus_Lionfishing.jpg


Don Daedalus

Whitney Lynn_Peter Max Lawrence_Heeling.jpg


Peter Max Lawrence

Whitney Lynn_Reza Monahan_B IL I O  R F.jpg


Reza Monahan

Whitney Lynn_William Edwards_New Frontier.jpg

New Frontier

William Edwards

Whitney Lynn_Meredith Leich_Henry Flaglers Train.jpg

Henry Flaglers Train

Meredith Leich

Whitney Lynn_Toban Nichols_Saturnine Tassajara.jpg

Saturnine Tassajara

Toban Nichols

Whitney Lynn_Chad Stayrook_In the Sea.jpg

In the Sea

Chad Stayrook


Ana Teresa Fernández, Siren’s Song (2011)

Ana Teresa Fernández’s work explores the politics of intersectionality through timebased actions and social gestures, translated into paintings, installations and videos. Operating formally at the intersection of land art, performance and history painting, Fernández mines 21st-century feminism, post-colonial landscapes, and the psychological barriers to empathy.

Siren’s Song absolves the dirtiness and weight of the term "wetback” through the performance of swimming laps at night in a tango dress and stilettos. It also changes the narrative of both Siren (the Greek Muses of the lure sailor's to their death) or La Llorona, the LatinX version of the weeping women from rivers who also is a tragic and deadly figure in folklore to one of a resilience and strength. Siren’s Song addresses the contemporary and ubiquitous use of policing "sirens" played at the time through law enforcement and ICE. The sound instead is of the communication between the body , breath and water.


Tony L.png

Tony Labat was born in Havana Cuba and came to the United States at the age of fifteen in 1966. He received both a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has exhibited internationally over the last thirty years. Labat has received numerous awards and grants and his work is in many private and public collections. Labat has developed a body of work in performance, video, sculpture, and installation. His work has dealt with and continues his investigations with the body, popular culture, identity, urban relations, politics, and the media.

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