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SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) is very pleased to participate as an artist collective in this large public art exhibition organized by High Beams called Ultra!, sponsored by the city of Torrance and Torrance Art Museum (TAM).


High Beams is a series of one-night outdoor exhibitions that began in September 2020 on the rooftop of a parking garage in Los Angeles’ Fashion District. As part of a larger festival called Ultra!, which is sponsored by the Torrance Art Museum and the city of Torrance, SFAA is thrilled to be part of the High Beams #4 as one of 16 prominent artist collectives from around Los Angeles, Northern California, and Colorado including longtime participants, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Durden and Ray, and Last Ditch, as well as SFAA as newcomers along with MOTOR, Hyperlink, and La Backyard.


The event will be held in the overflow parking lot behind the Torrance Art Museum. The Main Gallery will also feature additional works by some of the Ultra! artists.



Saturday, July 17, 2021, Noon - 3pm



Torrance Art Museum overflow parking lot

3320 Civic Center Drive., Torrance, CA

Please follow the local safety requirement while you are enjoying the exhibition.


by The Factronauts (Peter Foucault MFA 2005)



Future Facts, The Factronauts, 2017

The Factronauts.png

The Factronauts are a collective made up of Bryan Hewitt, Vita Hewitt, Peter Foucault, and Chris Treggiari. The pieces they create explore the political and cultural tensions and divides in contemporary American life through imagining and enacting how a pair of astronauts who have time-traveled from a utopian future would see here and now. In the current climate, idealism and hope for positive outcomes from the use of technology have largely been supplanted in the national discourse by other factors and ideals. But what would happen if the utopia envisioned by the thought forms that created the Space Race had actually been realized? What if a low-budget version of that imagined future came back to analyze the present? Who would it send? It would send The Factronauts.

by Joshua Hashemzadeh (BFA 2016)


By Any Other Name, Joshua Hashemzadeh, 2017

Joshua Hashemzadeh.png

By Any Other Name is a video installation originally created for a public Pacific Standard Time salon, in Culver City, CA. The artwork, whose title echoes Shakespearean literature and an episode of the famed 1960’s TV series, Star Trek, manifests audible language as a cyclical yet fractured device capable of classification, affirmation, and misinformation.


Being of Iranian descent the artist, Joshua Hashemzadeh, plays to a relationship between the body and the spoken word. The video focuses on an increasingly menacing portal of the artist's mouth as it annunciates synonyms for the word “terror” or “terrorism,” a label almost exclusively reserved by American media for those of Middle Eastern/ North African descent. Created in response to acts of domestic violence such as school shootings, police brutality, and racial persecutions, the artist contemplates ways in which different bodies hold varied connotations.

by David Otis Johnson (MFA 2004)


Everything Must Go, David Otis Johnson, 2013

David Otis Johnson.png

Everything Must Go is the installation created by David Otis Johnson. It has been showed at Blum and Poe, for Acid Free Los Angeles and also at SFAI.


Project Curators

Southern California - Los Angeles - TOBA

Toban Nichols

Southern California

Los Angeles Liaison


Beth Davila Waldman

SFAA Exhibitions & Program


Judy Zhu Photo2.jpg

Judy Zhu

Co-project coordinator

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