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March 2021

SF Artists Alumni (SFAA) has launched an online project, an original idea by Francisco Pinheiro, our Alumni Liaison for Portugal, about rivers and waterways seen as the “veins” of our plane.


We encouraged our community to share photos and videos of the rivers and waterways where our alums are living and delve deeper into thinking about the idea of environmental sustainability, communal systems & transit, sustainable materials usage & symbols of connectivity. 


Other physical subjects could include aqueducts, hydro engineering, water architecture, boat building, urban & inland landscapes, & tourism. Waterways are still regarded as symbols of life and connectivity. Waterways are also a metaphor for the way we connect through social networks, using an iconic symbol of connectivity, when in fact rivers are fragmented, controlled and regulated by dams, reservoirs and many other sorts of engineering. 


This project seeks photos & commentary to feature on our SF Artists Alumni Instagram that respond to this topic.

Southern California - Los Angeles - TOBA

Project Curator

Toban Nichols

Southern California - Los Angeles Liaison

International - Portugal - Francisco Pin

Project Concept

Francisco Pinheiro

Portugal Liaison



Featured Artists:


Blanca Bercial Garcia-Bayllo, Tony Bellaver, Adrian Card, Annamarta Dostourian, Eleni Exarchou, Exhilia, Mary Francheville, Alejandro Hernandez, Thomas M. Houston, Mary Kimber, Joel Murnan, Walt Ohnesorge, Christopher Peters, Michael Robert Pollard, Reagan Pufall, Lisa Reed, Brian Z. Shapiro, Ana Sophia Tristan, Cristina Velázquez, Leah Wilson, Bijan Yashar.


Related Event

2021 Mar Meetup1.jpg

SFAA Global Alumni Meetup

Saturday, March 6, 2021, 9:00 AM PST

SFAA's Rocky Mountains & High Plains liaison Shokai Sinclair hosted a global Zoom meetup of SFAI alumni on March 6, and the theme is environmental sustainability. We've shown the works whether using sustainable materials or dealing with conservation or climate justice from alums related to this theme.


Beth Waldman – La Ocupación

Chris Manfield – Installation & Photography

Jackson Brinkley – Beehive Tour & Process

Jusun “Jessie” Seo – Yet

Presented By:

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